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Helping People While Honoring the Life of Ron Sexton

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Our Story
(We Swear to God It's True...)

You Before Me Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the legacy of Ron Sexton. Ron was a beloved son, husband, and father of four, but many knew him as a world-famous comedian and a successful high school baseball coach.

The name of our non-profit was inspired by the 2017 Dunedin Falcons High School Baseball team, who under Ron's guidance made a run to the Florida 6A Final Four using 'You Before Me' as their team motto.

Ron embodied this phrase in all facets of his life. Fans of his comedy remember him for staying hours past his sold-out Donnie Baker shows to take pictures and sign autographs late into the night. Up-and-coming comedians knew him as a friend they could look up to and seek advice from. As a family, we continue to cherish all of the joy he brought us - on the ball field, at the dinner table, and on our trips around the country.


We are committed to celebrating Ron's passions while making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. We plan to support initiatives close to his heart, while creating experiences he would have enjoyed.

Beginning in 2024 with our inaugural events, we aim to raise funds for a Dunedin High School Baseball scholarship as well as bring awareness and donate to causes that help comedians tackle the mental health struggles that come with the profession.

Your support means the world to us. We are eager to see Ron continue to make a difference by bringing laughter and happiness to people for years to come.

Tracey, Eric, Abigail, Alex, and Aliah

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